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It is always a pleasure to go into the office. The office never feels crowded or crazy. You are treated like a person and not like a number in a long line of todos. Come see Dr Hughes, you won't regret it.
14 hours ago
- David S.
Really nice front desk personal! Very informational about every step of the appointment and why I was doing the next step. Very friendly group all around!
3 months ago
- meagan t.
I cannot begin to state my incredible appreciation for Dr. Hughes. When my daughter, a student at University of Arkansas, had an emergency situation, he very likely interceded to preserve vision in her left eye. In spite of a snowstorm and the worst possible circumstances, he made sure to get her the help she needed. Nothing short of an angel in my mind. He clearly has found the right calling and goes above and beyond for his patients. If more people were like him, this world would be a better place.
3 months ago
- Paula A.
I am so thankful for Dr. Hughes and his staff. Sean, Katie Anne, and Ashley are not only caring and friendly, but also so very competent. After a year of struggling with my eye prescription, I made an appointment with Eyelove eye care and I can see again. Please make an appointment with Dr. Hughes at Eyelove Family Eyecare. Dr. Hughes truly made my life better. It is a gift to be able to see again. I am so very thankful.
6 months ago
- julie r.
The staff is so kind and positive and helpful. Dr. Hughes helped me find the prescription I needed and his tests made me feel at ease with my eye’s health.
6 months ago
- Friendly G.
Went to my very first Eye Exam and I am so glad I found EyeLove Family Eyecare! The exam was fast and easy. Dr. Hughes was very detailed with his explanations and Sean was so helpful when it came to choosing frames that perfectly matched me. I highly recommend this place! This was the best experience I've ever had!
7 months ago
- Anna L.
I was able to get a quick appointment when I needed it. The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Hughes took time to explain to me what was going on with my irritated eye and what I should expect during the healing process. I appreciated his conservative approach and explanation as to why he was not prescribing a medication.
7 months ago
- Becky K.