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Hard to Fit Contacts

The term “hard to fit contact lenses” encompasses a plethora of lens options rather than one particular type of lens. They are for those people who need a more specialized prescription than standard lenses provide. EyeLove Family Eye Care & Optical is your eye doctor in Fayetteville. As such, we can help you understand hard to fit contacts and choose the right ones for your unique needs.

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What Makes Eyes Hard to Fit

A number of vision and eye conditions make a person hard to fit. These include common issues such as astigmatism, presbyopia (farsightedness), and dry eye syndrome as well as rarer conditions like keratoconus. To meet the needs of each special condition, there are a number of different hard to fit contact lenses available. Our trained and caring staff can help you know which one is right for you.

Types of Hard To Fit Contacts

Those who suffer from dry eye syndrome can use lenses designed to retain moisture more effectively, for obvious purposes. People who are farsighted can wear multifocal lenses similar to bifocal glasses to allow them to see at all distances more clearly.

Scleral lenses are for correcting the conical deformity of the cornea indicative of keratoconus. They are larger than standard contact lenses allowing them to cover the entire cornea and rest on the whites.

Toric lenses are gas-permeable hard to fit contacts with a distinctive design to keep them from rotating on the eye. This helps patients with astigmatism to wear contacts that effectively correct this disturbance.

Exams for Contact Lenses

Prior to receiving a prescription for any sort of contact lenses, you first need a special contact lens examination. This exam includes the familiar steps of assessing visual acuity as well as evaluating the overall health of your eyes. This is a standard comprehensive exam that all patients undergo.

The special exam that is unique to those wanting to wear contacts involves measuring the curvature of the surface of the eye. There are computerized systems and manual devices that can do this. This exam will likely take longer for hard to fit patients than it would for less complicated exams. However, if contacts are your goal then it is worth the extra time.

Once your contact lens prescription is determined, our optometrist will discuss the results and your options with you. You will have a follow-up exam after you begin wearing your contacts to ensure that they are working as they are intended.

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