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Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care Provided by Our Optometrist in Fayetteville, AR

Our optometrist offers eye care for the entire family. Our eye doctor even has experience in pediatrics. Through our routine eye exam and our various other services, EyeLove Family Eye Care & Optical, serving Fayetteville, AR, and the general vicinity, helps people maintain their vision for years to come throughout every stage of their life.

Family Eye Care Provided by Our Optometrist in Fayetteville, AR

Comprehensive Eye Exams  

One of the main eye care services we offer is comprehensive eye exams. We provide them to patients of all ages. For instance, our optometrist provides specialized eye exams as part of our pediatrics service. During these exams, we evaluate if your child's eyes move together. If your child is unable to read letters, we have pictures they can identify instead. 

For teens, adults, and seniors, we supply a comprehensive evaluation that identifies any vision deceits. We're even able to diagnose issues like astigmatism. We do so by asking you to look into a special machine. You see two images, and you have to inform us which one looks clearer. 

Diagnosing Eye Health Problems

We also test for conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.  We recommend getting assessed for these issues as you age. We especially advise diabetic patients to get their eyes checked, possibly even more frequently than the average patient. We diagnose glaucoma by determining if you're experiencing any eye issues. We ask you to look into a machine. It blows air into your eye in order to test the pressure in your eye.

Another test we might conduct on you is one that requires us to put eye drops in your eye. These dilate your pupils. Then, you look into a machine. We can also perform a visual examination of the inside of your eye by using a magnifying device. 

Eyeglasses and Contacts 

In order to correct vision problems, you may need corrective eyewear. We offer kids and adults the option of eyeglasses or contacts. However, we advise parents to wait for contacts until the child is mature enough to handle the responsibility.

We take the information we receive from your eye exam to figure out your prescription. Then, you or your child will be able to pick out frames for your eyeglasses. We fit you to make sure the glasses fit comfortably. 

For contact lenses, we have you look into a machine that gives us details about the dimensions of your eyes. Then, we use this information to pick out a brand of lenses that offers your size and prescription. 

Schedule an appointment for you or your child with our optometrist in Fayetteville, AR by calling EyeLove Family Eye Care & Optical by calling (479) 521-6460.

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